How to print the eBook

I want you to be able to enjoy the book series, get stuck in, and create some great artwork.
But if you've bought the eBook you may be struggling to do this.
No sweat, there are a few ways we can get the text on to something else and then create the artwork to go with it.
1. If you can just print the eBook. Try it.
2. Screen Shot the eBook and then print it.
3. Screen Shot the eBook and then open it in a design software on your device.
4. Type or write the text from the eBook onto something else and then do the artwork on that.
5. Failing all that, please consider buying the paperback version of the book.
Please note I am not encouraging doing this for any work other than my own.
If you are really struggling please drop me an email:
Chris x
© 2020 Wendell and Wanda